How does Stampix work?

Visit our webshop or download the Stampix App in the App Store or Play Store on your smartphone. Sign-up & get your first prints for only €0,99. Occasionally you can receive more gifts from brands we work with, but if you want to receive prints immediately you only pay 2,99€ for the shipment (best price in the market). Learn more about how it works here.

I have a question about personal data

Your data at Stampix is kept secure in accordance with the GDPR regulations since May 2018. You can also check our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy. For specific questions, please contact us at

I would like to unsubscribe from mail

Do you receive mails you don't want to receive? You can always click on the link at the bottom to unsubscribe of our email if necessary. We will handle your request as soon as possible.

Other technical questions

Please check the following first:

  • Check if you have a strong WiFi connection.
  • Update your Stampix App
  • Log out and log in again
  • Try a different browser or refresh the page.

Need more help? Send us your smartphone or web browser data: Android/iOS, version and description of what's wrong.

Suggestions (feedback, comments, thanks)

Do you have questions/suggestions or did you just get an ingenious idea that will help Stampix?
Be sure to let us know! 💡🍀

I don't have my order number

If you don't have an order number but would like to ask something, contact us here.